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Creating memorable brands for fine art photographers since—well, a lady never reveals her age, but let’s just say I’ve been doing it the longest. Fist bump.

Kick that my-brand-is-never-finished-feeling once and for all. I can help.

Pretty can only take you so far. Beauty and brains is how you stand apart. I go beyond the aesthetics of design and help you look at your brand from a strategic point of view. To understand where your business needs to go and how design can be used effectively to get you there.

(smart) DESIGN

Picture a day where you're confident and unafraid of your own brand. Feels impossible, right? Guess what? It's not. Knowledge is power, and throughout our time together, I'll teach you so many tips and tricks about branding that your friends will think you're the expert!


your designer in shining armor

You put up a good fight. You bought one (or fifty) fonts too many, and you have an expanding collection of cheap(ish) website templates to match. Yet everything you’ve excitedly purchased just... doesn't... quite... work. 

This is not what you bargained for. You thought you knew who you were, but now you're just—confused? Am I Elegant? Modern? Both? Sh*t. You find yourself wishing you could just snap those camera-clickin' fingers of yours and your entire brand would be—*poof*—finished!

I feel you.

After pushing pixels for 20 years, let's just say I know more than a few tricks to make sense of all that beautiful choas floating around inside your head. I lovingly call it your 'happy mess', and I—*poof*—weave it into a beautiful brand (that you never have to worry about again).

Pinky promise.

Oh, and stop binge-buying all those dang fonts, will ya?







I'm the                 to your                 .

in photography terms

— Betsy Blue
(@betsyblue) 10K

"I have learned so much from you, and I am so grateful. I am infatuated with my brand. The brand mark is my favorite part, and I truly just want that everywhere! Thank you, love—so much gratitude for all your genius and hard work!"


“Renee! You are my actual hero right now! This design is next level! Seriously! I could not be more proud and more confident presenting myself to a higher-end clientele because of what you created for me. I truly appreciate you, and I can’t thank you enough!”


— Belle Lumierè Magazine
(@bellelumieremagazine) 54K

"I know firsthand (because I tried) that designing is not an easy task! The intentional, thoughtful touches you sprinkled throughout. The perfect, French vibe. Every time you design something for me, it blows me away! I absolutely love it!"


— my kids
(instagramless, forever!) 0K

"She’s really hard working and gives the best hugs."


Traveling renews me. I try to plan at least two trips a year to new places. I fell in love with Alys Beach about 8 years ago, and I reallyyy want a property there some day.


Outside of design, it's my creative outlet. I love to photograph my girls. I am obsessed with Polaroids, toy cameras, and film. 


I love Danish furniture. The simplicity and thoughtfulness of it is something I bring into my own work. I'm always looking for my next piece. (I scored that Harry Bertoia chair for $5!)

danish design

Make My Heart Sing

a few things that

(If you really want to connect!)

Push doors that have a pull handle.

bad design in the wild

Ozark. I love Jason Bateman.

best netflix binge

Playing hide n' seek with my dad.

first childhood memory

I played professional soccer.

Rando sports fact

The Desert


Symmetry. Can't stop. Won't stop.

favorite design style

Elton John

greatest artist (ever)

Vintage Photobooths

dying art I want to save

Other Line Items

I'm an old soul, mama, antique collector, and font hoarder. I married my love-at-first-sight in Las Vegas and named both our daughters after casinos. If that didn't scare you off—you're just my type! #FontJoke


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