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Creating memorable brands for fine art photographers since—well, a lady never reveals her age, but let’s just say I’ve been doing it the longest. Fist bump.

You tried designing yourself a logo or website or [insert-other-important-design-element-here] and all you have to show for it is a digital graveyard of fonts and templates that didn't turn out how you hoped they would. 

Now what?

First thing's first! Give yourself some grace. I don't blame you one bit for trying to knit your own brand together. You're artistic, creative, and a total go-getter, and that's what makes you such an amazing photographer! Plus, you weren't doing anything wrong—you just haven't had anyone to show you how to do this whole branding thing yet, right? Right! It's freaking hard, right? Right!

Well pick yourself up, my little DIY Warrior! Let's shake off that frustration together. Throw your hair up in a messy bun and get your favorite sweatpants at the ready (you know the ones—around ten years old, riddled with holes, with a very questionable fit). Get those! They're already battle-tested, and they mean business. These are the pants we get-shit-done-in, homie. 

Let's go kick some branding buns together because trust me when I say, you do NOT want this to be awkward between you two. My sleeves are already rolled up, and I've got my game face on! Are you ready to tag me in?

If opportunity doesn't come knocking on your door—build a brand.

personality equals profit




Is your brand doing its job?

you're feeling very

you're super

your website is

your pricing is

Your clients are

your inquiries are

Inspired again! You're finally confident in your brand.

Overwhelmed. You don't even know where to start.

Thankful that people just GET IT—silly questions are rare.

Selling my services and/or products like freaking hotcakes!

Worth what you're asking—and the wallets are opening.

The. Best. You feel like you've found your people.

Great! You have more than you can keep track of.


Tired of answering the same questions over and over again.

Instagram! You're more confident in your grid than website.

Worth what you're asking—but it's been a hard sell.

A weird mix. You wish you could attract better ones.

Inconsistent and/or lackluster.


hot topics

(cue cheesy game show music)













question 6

question 5

question 4

question 3

question 2

question 1

Is your brand working?

it's time to plaaaay

I can check all of those boxes (and more)—if you don't believe me, just keep on scrolling! Why do I do all this? My mission is simple: to ensure everyone understands the value of a single photograph, and that starts with YOU. So! Are you ready to show everyone what you're made of?

friend, i got you.

surprise & delight


cure your brand overwhelm.




Your dream designer would...


STICK BY YOU LONG AFTER LAUNCH—jussst in case you need advice.

help you figure out your style.


invite you to a private facebook group to keep on learning.


(Mentally check all that apply)

the lightning round

the design process

I'll lead you through my discovery process and uncover what makes you tick. Tones you're drawn to. The designs and styles that always turn your head. The type of work that inspires you. We’ll talk about your aspirations, your inspirations and everything that makes you—you!

Let's Explore

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Now’s the part where I take all of those great things that define who you are, and turn it into a logo, website, etc. that captures your amazingness. I’ll create a design that tells your story, in a way that helps you achieve your goals like no one’s business but yours.  

Design Time

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Say hello to your new design. Now you’re ready to see how a standout brand or website can help you transform your business, attract the clients you dream of, and even take you places you might never have imagined. This isn't the end—it's just the beginning!

The Big Reveal

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4 of 4

You can do it. I’ll teach you how. I will give you the training and know-how to use your brand effectively or update your own website. So you can move forward with the confidence to customize or make edits independently as your business grows. (And it will!)

In Your Corner


starts at

All Source Files (So you can design too!)

Easy AF to Use & Update

How-to-Use-Your-Brand PDF Guide

Primary & Secondary Logo Designs

Unlimited FaceTime(s) with Me

Design that helps fix pain points.

Logo that starts to attract the right clients.

4-6 week timeline

logo design

start getting the right attention

All Source Files (So you can design too!)

Easy AF to Use & Update

How-to-Use-Your-Brand PDF Guide

Custom Showit Website with Blog

Primary & Secondary Logo Designs

Unlimited FaceTime(s) with Me

Design that helps fix pain points.

Full brand that attracts the right clients.

logo design & website



You know that little thing that appears on just about everything to do with you? Turns out, it’s not such a little thing at all. Your logo is the foundation of your brand. It’s you in a nutshell. I'll design you a unique identity that catches people’s eyes, sticks in their minds and helps them instantly ‘get’ what you’re all about. And that’s pretty huge.

6-8 week timeline

 Are you ready to turn your business into #BrandGoals? Get the logo and website you've always dreamed of while attracting the right people and giving your clients that red carpet experience they deserve. Show off your work, share your stories, connect with people and touch their lives. For your business, this is “home”. Make it a place people love to drop by. 

launch the brand of your dreams

are you ready to sit back and relax while i do all the heavy lifting?

payment plans available


Major upgrade, minimal effort.

custom showit websites start at $5750. save $750 by booking your logo design and website together!



Take a deep breath, look around, and remember where you're at. Because this about to be one of those the student-becomes-the-teacher moments. Let's whip that brand of yours into serious shape!

You're in!

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