"I learned so much from you about branding. My new brand feels so much like me. I would have never achieved something this beautiful on my own!"

betsy said

Betsy came to Ribbons of Red because she felt like her brand didn't truly represent her. Up until working with me, she had designed everything for her business. She was tired of doing it all, and she needed help.

why betsy hired me

Minimal. Modern. Organic.

betsy blue photography

warning: scrolling creates serious FOMO

Behind the Scenes

take a peek

Every brand I create is inspired by you—your photographic style, personality, loves, and inspirations. Take a peek behind the scenes to see how this creative process shaped Betsy Blue Photography's brand.

betsy's portrait inspired

The white on white paper sticker design.

Design with lots of white space usage.



Sophisticated, textured business cards.

Design with lots of clean lines.

Elegance & Organic Textures.


Soft, curved letters within the logo design.

Design with soft touches.


betsy's personality inspired

She describes her work as refined, romantic, and emotive.

the brand style

Known for her love of white everything, I created a brand that was clean and spacious.

the brand tone

She loves French Blue! It was just a bonus that it also existed in her name.


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You know how they say that beauty is skin deep? That goes for design as well. Pretty can only take you so far. Beauty and brains is how you stand apart. I go beyond just the aesthetics of design to help you look at your brand from a strategic point of view. To understand where your business needs to go and how design can be used effectively to get you there.

Design Mantra

my core

Take a deep breath, look around, and remember where you're at. Because this about to be one of those the student-becomes-the-teacher moments. Let's whip that brand of yours into serious shape!

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